The Genetics Graduation Program of UFRJ

The Genetic Graduation Program of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (PGGen-UFRJ) was created in 1976 and includes a renowned group of researchers who work in the main areas of Genetics. The Program contributes to the training of highly qualified researchers. Since 2004 PPGGen has been considered a course of excellence by CAPES.

The PGGen-UFRJ course presents a comprehensive, integrated and innovative proposal for the training of human resources and the production of scientific knowledge at the international level. One of the goals of the course is to develop and promote basic research and technological innovation in the field of human and environmental health, contributing to the solution of problems and demands of society. These objectives are achieved with courses at two levels of graduate sensu strictu programs: Master and PhD. A large investment in the absorption of new Postdoctoral researchers has been carried out by the Program, an area that has been assuming a greater relevance in recent years, reflecting in the significant increase of Postdoctoral fellows in our program.

Mrs. Eliane Marques and Mrs. Rosangela da Silva
Department of Genetics Postgraduate Course
Department of Genetics, IB, Health Sciences Center
Rua Professor Rodolpho Paulo Rocco, s / n
CCS building- Block A- 2. floor-room 099
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Ilha do Fundão- University City - Rio de Janeiro- 21941-617- RJ
Telephone/ fax: (021) 3938-6396


Result of the last Quadriennial CAPES Evaluation (2013-2016) PGGEN / UFRJ Concept 7.

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